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October 2012
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Honey, I’m home!!
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Posted by: Bob @ 12:17 pm

Hi all,

Local bird news first. The Sandhill Cranes have returned for the winter in the Mesquite Lake Basin area south of Brawley near Dogwood and Keystone Roads. There were 78 of them in the bermuda grass field near Dogwood and Carey Monday evening about 4:30pm. Appeared to be a good number of young birds in the group. The young have a lot of rust color on them.

Now for the missing month! Just emptied a huge portion of my bucket list. I left on the evening of August 31 and went for a little 10,600 mile drive to the farthest north you can drive in Alaska and Canada and returned home on September 30. Will have much to post but still have to sort it all out and get settled back into reality here. Reality being that it was 104 degrees the day I left and it was 108 when I got back!? The short version of the trip goes like this, Mexican border with California up 95 and 15 through Utah, Idaho and Montana to Calgary. Ice Fields Parkway and west through Prince George then north through the Cassiars to the Alaska Hwy. West to Delta Junction then Fairbanks then north to Prudhoe Bay and back to Fairbanks. South through Delta Junction to Paxson then west over the Denali Hwy and the Parks Hwy back up to Fairbanks for an oil change and tire rotation. Then back west to Denali National Park where I won the Denali Road Lottery and got to drive my own vehicle the full length of the park road on September 17. Back through Fairbanks, Delta Junction and Tok then north over the Taylor Hwy where I made the Alaska / Canada Boundry Crosing at 7:59pm and they closed the gate behind me at 8:pm!! Ferry across the Yukon at Dawson City then north up the Dempster as far as the Eight Mile Ferry which was closed due to sudden snow melt and high water. Back south to the Klondike “Top of the World” Hwy and east on the Campbell Hwy to Watson Lake and the Alaska Hwy. East to Dason Creek and mile 0 of the Alaska Hwy then east to Cowboy Trail and south back down to Calgary. Then south into Montana and west to Kalispel then south through Twin Falls, Elko, Death Valley Junction, Kelso, Cadiz then Needles, Blythe and home. wheeeew! Over 2,000 of those miles was on unpaved roads and I lived in my Jeep the entire trip!! The bed inside of it turned out to have more head room than my backpacking tent and was so easy that I never pitched a tent the whole trip. 5,200 some odd pictures so….

See ya at the sea……………


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