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July 2020
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Posted by: Bob @ 5:12 pm

Hi all,

Friday the 13th can’t be all bad if it brings water to a desert rat!

We had our first significant monsoon event here in the Imperial Valley this afternoon. Finally!! A strong cell swept up out of Mexico near the Mount Signal area and marched north across the west half of the valley and the desert with a direct aim at the center of the north end of the valley. As I type this the strong thunderstorm cell is north of Brawley and dumping on the south shores of the Salton Sea, Calipatria and Niland. I would have been in my Jeep racing to get ahead of it if it had not already outrun me!

Anyone with plans to bird the Salton Sea this weekend should use extra caution on all off pavement areas. Most of the roads should be drying nicely by morning if no more rain comes but all shoulders and lesser dirt roads should be avoided or approached with caution. Keep it in the middle and don’t go there if you can not see a good track of someone going there before you:-) I think the seawall itslef would be fine but getting to the west end of Bowles Road is probably not possible for a few days. Obsidian Butte would be crossable but do not try to make the loop around the north part of the island. Schrimpf Road between Garst and Davis where the Wood Stork are currently hanging out might not be accessible either.

In the immortal words of Craig Childs from his book “The Secret Knowledge of Water”. “There are two ways to die in the desert. Thirst and drowning.” It should be required reading for all who visit, live and play in the desert!

See ya at the sea…………

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