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July 2020
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Owls and Sunsets
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Posted by: Bob @ 11:33 pm

Hi all,

Brawley Home of the Cattle Call

Last week, while returning home to Brawley from El Centro at dusk, I ran across a Great Horned Owl at Meserve Park along K Street and immediately stopped to take a look. They are resident in Brawley as are Western Screech-Owl, Barn Owl and Burrowing Owl. The sighting of this particular owl turned out to be pretty funny though so I stopped again to capture the experience on film.

As I pulled to a stop I was all proud of myself and thinking “How cool is that!”

As I move to get better light I suddenly see a second individual!!

It was not two seconds after that when I realized what you have probably concluded already but the humor gets even better!


All told there were eleven plastic owls including a few of the devious battery powered swivel headed variety!

Our sunset was pretty spectacular that evening as well.

Our first large monsoon event of the year had just swept around Brawley but had been causing flooding across the west side of Imperial Valley and was currently hammering Calipatria and Niland. The distant thunderheads in the following pictures were to our east. They increased in intensity well into the night and dumped over two inches of water across our thirsty desert in just a few hours. Quite a light show too! They caused severe flash flooding on both sides of the Colorado River and the closure of both Hwy 78 and Ogilby Roads in Eastern Imperial County.

See ya at the sea………………

3 Responses to “Owls and Sunsets”

  1. Lunatic Chick Says:
    Sounds like you found a breeding pair or two of those plastic owls - Better get it on the rare bird alert quick ;)
  2. Lunatic Chick Says:
    Ps I love your cloud/sky photos - really spectacular!
  3. Chico Gypsy Says:
    Nice pics Bob! Wish I could visit during monsoon season— probably not this year, though.